In 1998/99, young people from Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania and Schleswig-Holstein built a 14m long Viking ship as part of a social project. Under the direction of the employment society Duchy of Lauenburg and the association Alte Schule, a total of 60 young people constructed the ship, which 25 people can row and sail on. The idea arose from the desire to circumnavigate the continent with young people from all over Europe, just like the Vikings had been able to about 1000 years earlier. Since then, young people from over 40 nations have conquered the coasts and rivers peacefully to gain valuable experiences and learn something new.

2004 – the association EURO-VIKING was founded.

In 2005, 35 young people from seven nations rowed and sailed from Wismar to Poland along the Baltic coast with the ships “WikThor” and “Svarog”.

In the following years, several more but smaller ships were built by socially excluded young people and trainees. These ships can be easily transported to and from different locations on trailers behind cars and minibuses. In cooperation with the Jobcentre and youth services and with the help of private donations, expeditions to 14 different countries took place in every year. To the club, it has always been important to keep the spirit of following “their”, “our” ancestors and so, the old trade routes of the Vikings from the Baltic Sea to the Black Sea, especially on the feet of Düna and Dnieper, were explored and managed in several stages.

From 2015 – 2017, young people from Denmark, the Ukraine and Germany built a new ship in three work camps in the three different countries. Our partners were also involved in this cooperation, known as the program “ewoca3” of the IBB (International Educational and Encounter Centre e.V) from Dortmund:

  • Alte Schule e.V.
  • German-Ukrainian Community of Youth Work from Kiev
  • FGU-Skolen – Maritime linje Roskilde/ Denmark

Today, HUGIN is stationed near Chernowitz in the Ukraine and can be used by young people from all over Europe for Euro-Viking expeditions. The Ukraine has become a priority country for Euro-Viking due to its very good partnerships and, of course, its amazing nature.