We call for young people, who aren’t children anymore but also no adults yet. We call for young people who are looking for ideas to shape their lives.

Family, education, school, work, a place in society, excessive consumption offers, right-wing radicalism, constantly being online, climate change, alcohol and other drugs……..

……..Many young people are irritated, disorientated, of low-power and have only little self-confidence.

EURO – VIKING has developed a fresh and successful concept for these young people. With hand-crafted Viking ships, we together with young people from all European nations row and sail on historical Viking routes on Europe’s coasts, lakes and rivers.

Having a clearly defined destination, the journeys feel like real expeditions as they take place in untouched and lonely regions.
Five Viking ships and a team of teachers, social workers and survival trainers – voluntarily or full-time – professionally assist the young people, take them into an international community. This places them in a completely new life situation, often dictated by nature and the rules of an expedition.

All participants dive into a world of values that cannot be prescribed or debated, but literally has to experienced, rowed and elaborated.

The supervisors are role models, i.e. they carry out the same activities as young people.

An expedition usually consists of 10 – 15 people. One third of the participants are carers. The daily rhythm of the expedition is predetermined. 30 – 50 km must be rowed / sailed per day to reach the next supply camp.

This extreme out-door experience has a lasting effect on site and in later life.

Every young person between the age of 18 and 27 is cordially invited to join our exciting expeditions onboard the Viking ships.