Our team at Euro Viking

Burghard Pieske

Educator and navigator

Burghard is responsible for the planning of our expeditions, training of skippers and equipment onboard the ships. In his career as a w
orld sailor, professional adventurer
and former civil servant teacher he acquired the tools to support and guide young people with problems.

Julia Braun

Diploma pedagogue

As a social therapist, pedagogue and naturopath for psychotherapy, Julia trains and advises the team and intervenes in special situations and problems. She accompanies the young people in one-on-one discussions as well as in group situations and is an important contact person, especially during the preparation and follow-up of the expeditions.


Heinrich Jenkel

Administrative expert

Heinrich is acting in the background of the club and ensures that all processes work together smoothly. He is responsible for administration and the club’s management, which he is very familiar with since, previously, he has been responsible for these activities as Managing Director of Alte Schule e.V. for 30 years.

Christof Müller

Social worker

Christof’s main areas of focus in the association’s work at Euro-Viking are concept development, contact maintenance and networking. Additionially, he supports Ms. Braun in the promotion of young people.
For more than 30 years Christof has been working as Managing Director of Alte Schule e.V. in the field of children’s and youth travel with youth guesthouses and in projects for socially excluded young people in close cooperation with IBB-Dortmund (ewoca3 and Generation Europe) and partner organisations in more than 20 european countries.